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Here is what some of our clients and friends have said about working with us.  We are very appreciative of their kind words.


You have been such a comfort to me since Dan has passed away. Without your wisdom and encouragement I don’t know how I would have made it. I cannot believe how well my annuities have done over all these years. What a blessing it was when back in 2007 we were introduced to you. You just help make life so simple and peaceful. God Bless you!    

Belinda Hopkins, Willard, MO

Your estate planning techniques are without question, amazing.  I am now 85 years young and because of your education as an estate planner you helped me make a very wise decision back in 2006 by establishing a Charitable Trust which saved me thousands of dollars in capital gain taxes and the annuity we used to fund my trust has been unbelievable. Since 2006 my annualized increase in value over my premium less withdrawals including my sign up bonus has been over 8.21% and last year it earned over 16.5% and I have never paid a fee or had to worry about market losses.   

Joe Dearing, Harrison, AR

After hearing you on the radio, I drove from Mtn. View, AR to your office, which is located on your beautiful horse ranch, and within our 30 minute conversation, I decided to move my entire retirement account to your program.  I liked the fact that I never have to worry about losing money, or paying fees and I would also have enough liquidity to meet my needs. This was four years ago.  I have taken advantage of the free withdrawal program each year and my account has grown amazingly more than I thought could be possible without the worry of market. 

Thank you!  

Dick Berens, Mtn. View, AR

I cannot believe how much I learned from your “Common Sense Economics” financial class. Everything I learned in achieving my BSBA in Finance, Accounting MBA and working thirty years as a CPA just flew out the window!  I have worked in banks, S&L’s, Lending and Leasing, insurance underwriting, as a Controller, an Auditor, and a Treasurer.  I’ve never seen anything such as you taught today for personal financial planning. It is revolutionary!   

Diane Harsfield, CPA, Rogers, AR

Without your help we would have lost around 40% of our life savings back in 2008.  You have taught us the truth about how money truly works.  You teach your clients that we are much better off protecting our principal and accrued earnings while eliminating the possibility of ever losing money or paying fees and that this strategy will make us more money than chasing after higher returns.  With your education, you have the ability to make financial and estate planning complicated, and yet you keep it so simple that anyone can understand the process.  I think what you do for your clients is amazing.  God Bless!

Arlon Hickman, retired IBM, management, Harrison, AR

My wife and I retired from West Texas where we owned several businesses. Tommy was recommended highly to us by one of our friends.  We had been with Merrill Lynch for many years. When Tommy exposed the fees we were paying ML and how he could help us eliminate the worry of what happens when the market drops, we came on board and it has been one of the best decisions, financially, we have ever made.  Tommy is honest, caring and I can promise you that you will never pay a fee or lose a penny if you follow his leadership.  I could recommend Tommy without fear of misinforming anyone.  He is a true professional and a man of integrity and he is a man that loves God, and we really appreciate that so much.

Bob & Marva Cox, Ridgedale,

Tommy, I am writing to you to comment on the professional manner in which you have assisted Lynn and I in developing a plan for our retirement. Your services, attitude, & education have been remarkable. The advantages of dealing with a person of your character are enormous! We SO look forward to our retirement now. Believe me when I say, that in the past I spent many a sleepless night thinking of options. The problem was I didn’t know what options were available, much less which ones were to be avoided and which ones would achieve our goals, and with your plan, we pay no fees or market risk.  Thanks so much!

Bob & Lynn Stokes, Harriet, AR

I cannot believe how my retirement account is growing. Four years ago I had my retirement with another financial advisor and it lost approximately $30 k in 2009. I scheduled a conversation with Tommy Ruff and through his easy to understand process, he showed me how managing losses would give me a greater return than chasing higher returns, and it works.

My account was up over 20% my first year, in addition, I got a 10% bonus! I know this sort of return doesn’t happen every year, but I never have to worry about losing my money or paying fees. Thank you Tommy for your process and for your wisdom. You are the best!

Linda Phillips, Harrison, AR

We would recommend Tommy Ruff to anyone who has a retirement program and who is concerned with losing money or paying fees. We have found him to be trustworthy and conscientious.  He does what he says and says what he does. He stays current and up to date in the challenging field of estate planning. He is always concerned about, and what works for the best interest of his clients. He is a man of integrity and that is hard to find in the world that we live in today. You can trust Tommy.  We do, and he has never disappointed us in any way. He is a godly man.  We really appreciate how he services our account.  When we have questions, he has the answers, or can get them quickly. Tommy is very honest, very black and white with his thinking, and no nonsense.  We appreciate all he has done for us in the past.  We have never lost a penny or paid a fee.  His process eliminates our worry over our finances. Call him, you won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Joel & Jonell Chaney, Springfield, MO

Thank you so much Tommy for making feel as though I have finally found a financial advisor who really cares about me as an individual. As I told you after everything had settled, I feel as though I am home.  I appreciate your knowledge and your wisdom, but mostly your honesty. With my previous advisor I had invested $50k in gold as that is what they recommended at the time and within just a few months my account was down to $13k.  Thank you for your solid financial advice.  With your process, which I believe is a no-brainer, if followed, everyone should be calling you after they have read your book. Again, thank you for teaching me how to never lose money or pay fees.  I would recommend your book to anyone who is serious about protecting their retirement money.        

John Tinkle, Mtn. Home, AR.

After watching the ups and downs of the market, I know I made the right choice with my retirement funds. I have gone through two of these down turns and lost a large amount of dollars. I was always told to just hang in there and it will come back. It never did!!  I never want to worry like that again. It steals your life. When I think of what that money could have been used for, even if I gave it away, it was mine and my previous advisor did not offer any advice because he didn’t have the any answers. 

Tommy, thanks to your wisdom and advice, I can now sit back and watch this market unfold without the worry and loss of sleep from my previous financial strategy. A big thanks to you and the process you use to eliminate the fear of ever losing money or paying brokerage fees.

Frank and Kay Dwyer, Kirbyville, MO

Tommy, thank you for introducing us to Privatized Family Banking. This financial strategy is something all families need to incorporate into their lives. Thank you for your guidance. Over the last six years our retirement accounts have done unbelievably well without the concern of losing money or paying fees. We appreciate your service, your honesty, your knowledge and the wisdom you use with your clients.  Again, thank you and God bless!

Randy & Marlene Aylor, Springfield, MO

Thank you so much for inviting Roy and I to your “Common Sense Economics for the Family” financial class.  It was very informative.  You taught financial strategies that made a lot of sense and that had never been taught to us by our former financial advisor(s).  Everyone should attend your class if they are serious about protecting their money. Now, we never have to worry about paying anymore fees or losing money in our accounts. Your planning process gives us peace of mind and security. Thank you for your great service and the care you give to your clients.

Sonia & Roy Nelson, Clarkridge, AR

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