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Creating Wealth Using

Common Sense Economics

Building a Fortune can seem an overwhelming task.  It’s complicated – there are so many landmines – so much information to sift through – where do we even start?  Let’s simplify things by thinking not of how we succeed – but how we fail.  Fortunately, there are only three ways to fail.  We call them the Three Failure Traps:

  • Failure Trap 1:    Don’t save in the first place.
  • Failure Trap 2:    Put your money where it can lose value.
  • Failure Trap 3:    Die before the job is done.

The fact you’re reading this means you’re a saver – so we cross the first Failure Trap off the list. Done! Failure Trap 3 is easily avoidable with life insurance.  Quite simply, life insurance is there to finish the job of securing your family’s financial future – even if you’re not here to do it yourself!  Failure Trap 2: Making bad decisions that can lose your money’s value.  You need to think defense – what are the ways you can lose your money?

  • Your retirement account can go down in value.
  • Your earnings (if any) are subject to taxes.
  • You have no liquidity!
  • Put your money in low interest bearing accounts that get eaten up by inflation & taxes.

Eliminate these mistakes – and the offensive part of growing money becomes mostly automatic, in other words, you never lose value, just sometimes you break-even.  By being a defensive thinker this can change the way you have always been taught to create wealth. And by using this financial strategy you eliminate the worry of losing principal and accrued earnings. Bottom-line:  You will generally make more money managing your losses than chasing higher returns.  Think about this, if you should lose 40% of your money, you must earn almost 67% just to get back to even. How much time will that take and can you afford to lose any money.  Get a copy of my book and discover the best kept secrets in the financial services industry. Learn what the financial institutions, Wall Street and the government hope you never uncover.

Let me ask you a question, “If what you thought to be the true turned out not to be the truth, when would you want to know the real Truth”. This book will teach you the truth about money, how it works, how to accumulate it.  You will learn how to create wealth differently than what Traditional Thinking teaches. You will learn how to avoid their tax traps and landmines.  My desire for this book is to change your economic destiny. God Bless!



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